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Mustang region trek is one of the most surreal adventure journey behind the Himalaya which is called trans Himalayan territory. This awe  inspiring journey boon its visitor with tremendious experience while no other place you can find like this anywhere in Nepal. This isolated territory was opened to outside world in 1992 Ad after that forein visitor can go there and discover. Mustang region is located in the northmost part of Annapurna region behind Himalaya while talking about Mustang it is divided into two section Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. The reason behind its so exclusive and special is Nature and Culture which being describe below

Isolation: Mustang region is located on the northmost part of Annapurna behind the Himalaya which is also called trans Himalayan region . There is Tibet in the eastern and northern part of upper Mustang and it is surrounded by big mountain.

People: The indegeneous live in Upper Mustang region are offspring from Tibetean descendents what is called Tibeto mongoloid family. They migrated in this region millinium before which is scientifically proved.

Geography: Incredible landscape which contains Colourful mountain, arid surface, Highland dessert, Sheer cliff, deep canyon, Multi colour flussing river, Sacred lake made its geography so speicial and intresting thing about this palce is it doesnt rain here because its lies in the rain shadow area.

Culture: Upper Mustang is culture rich provience where people follows Tibetean Buddhism with their own characterstics which is slightly different from regular Tibetean Buddhism. There used to be king until 2016 who was the part of ritual and worship followed by people whereas nomadic people practice shaman as well, Polygandry still exists here, Sky burial is funeral here. Tiji, Tibetean new year, Lhosar are major festival here.

Custom: People dress locally made traditional costume which differ between man and women. Men dresses thick boot made of animal skin, maroon color gawn with full sleeve sweater whereas women dress black gawn and multi coulur long/short sleeve with colourful strap belt. During wedding and festival time they were more colourful costume. Monk wear maroon red gawn,shawl,cap.

Monument and architecture: Upper mustang is very rich in monument and architecture that there are many monastery, stupa, chorten, palace. There are several multi storey manison carved inside rock. Blood red fortified monastery are truly eyecacthing also the wall city of Lo – Manthang is major attraction. Several settelment like Choser, Ghami, Chaile, Lo-Manthang still have medieval art.

Mustang region trek is obviously tremendous journey  in the heart of wonderland what we call Shangrila, Tushita which literally means hidden paradise. It is required to be minium 2 person in order to get permit for this restricted area which is to preserve the precious treasure the culture, custom and ritual. You can do Upper mustang trek, Upper Mustang Tiji festival trek 2020, Damodar Kunda trek etc in Upper mustang region. Tourist link trek is veteran operator for Mustang region trek so please feel free to drop any of your queries.

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