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Food and drinking water and accommodation are two of the essential need for any trekkers in the Himalayas. If you are trekking in more tourist areas, you can find a wide range of foods even at a higher altitude. For some of the trekking programs in lesser developed parts, you might have to choose from the locally available staples. Similarly, if you are traveling in rural and inhabited regions, you will have to carry the necessary food items from the start of the trek. However, it is more accessible in case of clean drinking water here. You will find plenty of freshwater streams and drinking water taps available throughout most of the trail. For extra assurance, you can ask the locals to boil the drinking water or carry some purification tablets with you.

Accommodation changes as one gain altitude while trekking in the Himalayas. You might have to give up some of the luxuries like a hot shower, internet, and even electricity in some of the upper regions. You can carry a solar-powered mini Power Bank for charging many of the devices here. You can get a room with fundamental facilities in most of the places in each of the trekking places. Prepare yourself with squat toilets and low doors while staying in one of these places. We manage all these services and give you the best of experiences.

Tips for proper acclimatization

  • Drink enough water and avoid food with high salt content
  • Rest and involve in short hiking trips to prepare the body
  • Take a balanced diet and avoid alcohol consumption
  • Rest in optimal intervals and sleep enough
  • Advance slowly and gradually
  • Consult immediately with your guide in case some symptoms show up.