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Bhutan is an isolated kingdom in the Himalaya also known as land of thunder dragon which has become unknown for outside world for many centuries and now  the most pristine place, largest shangrila, land of happiness, land of mistiques, land of sacred cave, land of monastery. Bhutan is located in the eastern part of Himalaya between India and China while Nepal is located in the west seprated by small state Shikkim of India. This is the only carbon netgative country across the globe which forest area accounts 60% of its total area thus we can make assessment how lush green it is. And it is also known as the land of happy people.

Bhutan tour has numerous highlight to offer to its visitor. This Buddhist kingdom follows Vajrayana Buddhism by two third of the total population while one third follows hindushism. The major attraction of Bhutan tour are Ritual and religion, Varied landscape, Climate, monument heritage, cuisine, culture and tradition, souviener and transportation. The country consists of mountain, hills and small valley like Thimpu and Paro. Bhutan experiences temperate and alpine climate in the northern provience while southern part is sub tropical and it gets significant amout monsoon rain in the southern part of the sountry. Another notable treasure of this country is monastery, stupa, monument which arrays the arcticture, carving, craftmanship which you cant see any other place. While talking about cuisine Ema datshi comes in the front which is national dish consists of Rice, potato, vegetable and pickle and many variety of dumpling, noodle are consumend as well. Prosperity is measured in happiness in Bhutan and its the most happiest country across the globe so you are expected to meet nice smiling people throughout your journey. Bhutan is the only active monarchy across south Asia while during your journey you can meet up with the royal member of Bhutan including King and queen. The transportation to connect with Bhutan is via air. It has two internationl airport Paro int airport and Thimpu airport and Bhutan has well functional internationl standard road though its mountaneous country. You should not procrastinate to visit this immense treasure.

Bhutan tour is an incredible journey in the heart of great Shangrila where the happiest people flouishing their legacy with environmental friendly deeds. Tourinst link trek is one of the leading tour and adventure operator across the Himalaya so, if you have any querry regarding Bhutan tour please feel free to write down. Some of the notable Bhutan tour package by Tourist link Trek are Bhutan glimpse tour, Bhutan culture tour, Trekking in Bhutan.

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