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Manaslu region trek is one of the most admirable trekking journey which bestows tremendous opportunity to explore precious Manaslu region and its glowing treasure which facinates visitor from around the world. Manaslu region trekking was open to foreigner in 1991 AD and later it became conservation area back in 1998 AD which covers an area of 1663 square kilometre. Manaslu region trek is an expedition to the pure wilderness in the heart of Manaslu region through the lap of Mt Manaslu 8163m which is eighth tallest mountain in the world. The highlights you get to explore through manaslu region trek is People, Culture, flora-fauna. Bhotia people living in the upper provience who are the decentents of Tibetean origin, enriched with incredible culture, custom, tradition is the center of attraction.

Manaslu region trek journey is a precious excursion through the bank of river Budhigandaki which goes through the lap of Mt Manaslu 8163m and reaches its pinnacle at Larkya La 5200m and descend down to Annapurna foothill. The journey starts at tropical gorge place called Soti khola 730m where u get warm hospitality of Gurung tribe people then journey continues following river Budhigandaki all the way to the highland where towering peaks surround you including Mt Manaslu, Naike peak, Rani peak, Peak 29, Himal chuli etc. The journey can be extended towards Tshum valley which takes additional week which offers vast culture of Bhotia people, Monastery, Sacred cave, Holy Mu Gompa. Manaslu conservation area is a sanctury which is home to various flora-fauna it accomodates various endangered wildlife species like Himalayan snow leopard, Musk deer, Himalayan Thar and numerous species of birds and reptiles. For being strictly protected region it is required to have semi restricted area permit before you trek to Manaslu region.

Manaslu region trek is must do once in a life time journey because it allows you to dive into book of  immence experience into  the unspoiled wilderness. Manaslu region is the least affected region by the impact of mordenization and westernization so hurry up and do it as soon as it is possible because we never know the future. You can do several treks in Manaslu region including Tsum valley trek, Manaslu circuit Tsum valley trek, Around manaslu trek , Manaslu trekking. Tourist link trek is one of the leading local trekking company based in Nepal.

Way to Larke-La pass
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View of Stupa at Samagaun
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Donkey at 5200m Larkya-La
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