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Nepal tour is the best way to explore this country in a reliable, comfortable and convenient way. Nepal is located between  Tibet  and India in the Himalaya. This himilayan country is truly wonderland, paradise and birth place of eastern civilization. The total area of 147181 sq km is home to vast bio diversity, various climate, cultural diversity. It looks green and white clearly if you look the map of Nepal taken from space which is absolutely true. In terms of land area its small country but while we look it through the persective of diveristy, culture, custom, architecture, monument, Temple its on the top. There are so many differnt kind of tour that you can do in Nepal whether cultural or natural or even adventure. Kathmandu city which is known as city of Temple and city of UNESCEO heritage which has seven UNESCEO world heritage sites within the diameter of 10 kilometer. Kathmandu city is famous for being confluence of Hindushism and Buddhism where dieties are found in every stone.

While talking about Nepal tour we should not forget the diversity of Nepal no matter either cultural or natural there are so many choices even Nepal is one of  the veteran adventure destination. No matter your physical strength Nepal always have someting to offer. You should not hesitate for being unable to walk in a rugged terrain of mountain now its possible to explore Himalaya by drive and flight. The Everest flight which starts early morning every day is the best way to see the Himalaya wihtout having a single pain. Dozens of wild life scantuary which is home to numerous wildlife are also located in Nepal where exploration and observation is possible doing safari. Even for hunting lover Nepal is good place that there are few hunting reserve where you can hunt with your favourite sniper gun. Nepal is crucial for foodies as well whicle for being located between Tibet and India it has influence from them.  Some of the mouth watering cusine like Momo, Chatamari, Newari set, Bara, Choila, Shabhale, Sel roti are authentic to Nepal even some only found in Kathmandu. Nepal tour is always incomplete without adventure tour. Nepal is home to several adventure activities like sky diving, Paragliding, Bungy jumping, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Mountain climbing, White water rafting, Motor viking etc. Another thing we should not forget while talking about Nepal tour is leisure activities or idle tour. There are so many alternative available for leisure, recreation and retreat tour. Another thing we should not forget is pilgirimage tour. Nepal is birthplace of Hinduishm and Buddhism thus there are hundreds of pilgirimage center. Some of the notable Pilgirimage center are Pashupatinath, Lumbini, Muktinath, Janakpurdham, Bouddhanath etc.

While talking about Nepal tour this beautiful country has so many things to offer no matter what your taste is there are thousands of tour available. Culure, adventure, nature, pilgirm all kind of tour are available in Nepa so pack your bag and take a flight to Nepal. Tourist link trek is one of the leading tour organizer across Nepal. We have some some exciting tour package like Sarangkot hiking tour, Kathmandu valley sightseeing, Nepal cultural tour, Nagarkot hiking tour, Kakani hiking tour, Everest helicopter tour. If you have any suggestion regarding trip to Nepal please feel free to wrte.

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