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Nepal has some of the best trekking routes showcasing the Himalayas and the local culture there. We can generally classify these treks into four different styles, considering the factors that are different in each Kind. These treks include almost all possible kinds excluding some personally managed categories. They are: –

  1. Tailor Made Trek
    Tailor-made treks are professionally prepared treks with research and information provided by experienced travel guides, local experts, travel agency, and other different expert entities of the field. This type of treks has its pre-planned itinerary assuring best travel experience with every detail of routes, accommodation, intermediate stops, bonus delights, and the overall constituents of the trek. As an elementary and safe option, these treks are also customizable up to some extent and is generally more flexible with group sizes. You can choose Tailor made treks for experiencing the best bits of Nepal alongside the freedom of adding your twist. Tailor-made treks enclose most of the trekking regions of Nepal.
  2. Teahouse Treks
    Teahouse treks in Nepal are one of the best ways to explore the authentic lifestyle and culture of the places you will visit throughout the trek. This type of trek focuses on stopping at the locally run teahouses in the destinations and accepting the services provided by them throughout the trek. Teahouse treks are rapidly growing in popularity and are almost exclusively carried out in Lower regions of the Himalayas. The Annapurna, Langtang, and Everest regions provide some of the best Teahouse treks in the country whereas the other regions are growing better every day too. Teahouse treks are also popular because of the impact it can make in upgrading the local economy in the trekking regions.
  3. Tented Treks
    Tented treks are a typical way of trekking all around the world. While trekking in the rural sections of the Himalayas, this kind of trek is the only option for travelers. You might not have some of the luxuries as compared to the other trekking types, but you will certainly enjoy every bit of the trekking without any rush. Tented treks are also ideal for trying the short day hikes to the nearby destinations from the original path. A complete and dedicated team including guides, porters, cook (if needed), and Sherpa (for climbing expeditions) provided by the company alongside primary, necessary, and handy equipment for completing the trek. For adventure lovers and those who like to experience the true nature, tented treks are the best.
  4. Recce Treks
    Recce Treks falls under one of the most daring and adventure packed trekking in Nepal. It is fundamentally an excursion trek to the lessor untraveled routes and regions of Nepal. The recce trek is a fully supported expedition with a team constituting of experienced experts and participants with packed equipment for any environment. A lot of remote research and preparation is required before the trek. Extreme trekking and challenging sections are high probability in these kinds of trekking. The middle and Far western part of Nepal gives the best platform for Recce treks.