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Jungle safari in Nepal is one of the highly popular exclusive tour package which arrays you the incredible flora-fauna in the scantuary. Exploring the scantuary in depth following unmarked path in order to observe flora-fauna is Jungle safari. Nepal is country located between India and Tibet in the Himalayas which geographically divides into three region Mountain region, Hilly region and Terai region i.e low land. No matter mountain, hill or low land there are dozens of scantuary across the country.The protected areas are divied into  several category like National park, conservation area,  hunting reserve area and wildlife scanturary. Jungle safari is highly famous in Nepal inside the jungle of Chitwan national park, Bardia national park, Shuklaphanta national park, Parsa national park, Koshi tappu wild life reserve.

Jungle safari is one of the famous activities which can be done in national park of Nepal. Bird watching, Endangered animal observation and plant species exploration are the major task included in jungle safari. As you know well Nepal is home to some of the endangered species like Royal bengal tiger, asiatic one horn rhinocers, Gharial corcodile, Himalayan griffion vulture, red panda etc. Hurry up and go jungle safari we never know whether some animal exinct away in the future. While talking about Jungle safari you have numerous option to reach from point A to point B like Jeep, Elephatnt or Tanga. Talking about jungle safari always make sure your guide is well knowldgeble, skilled and experienced which makes huge difference.

Jungle safari in Nepal is quite famous across the country. Safari is famous in the mountain region, hilly region and terai region ( low land ) every corner. Tourist link Trek & Expedition is one of the leading tour organiser across Nepal, if you have any querry regarding Jungle safari in Nepal please feel free to contact us. Some of the jungle safari package made by tourist link trekking are Bardia jungle safari, Chitwan jungle safari, Koshitappu jungle safari, Shuklaphanta jungle safari.

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Bardia Jungle Safari

3 or 4 or 5 days
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US $450 405

Chitwan Jungle Safari

2 or 3 or 4 days