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Nepal is a Mountainous country located between India and China in the Himalayas where eight out of fourteen highest mountains are located. Himalayan Shangrila i.e hidden paradise is another very famous name Nepal has. The most diversified country in the world if you compare its size. The saturation of diversity in this small territory is the most unique of its kind. The birthplace of Lord buddha gives a bigger identity. It homes to 120 different ethnic groups while the same amount of language is spoken all over the country. Culture, custom, and tradition-rich indigenous enhancing Nepali culture to another level.

Being located between India and China Nepal acts as a melting pot where we can see the fusion of these two great civilizations. Geographically divided into three different regions Mountain, Hilly, and Terai regions. The Mountain region lies in the northern part of Nepal, the Hilly region lies in the middle whereas the terai region is located in the southern part of Nepal which is also known as the granary of Nepal and is the place where the rushing Himalayan river reaches the plain here. 40% of its total area is covered by forest, making Nepal a country of forests. There are around dozens of National parks where endangered animal species are conserved and protected. Kathmandu city is one of the ancient cities where there is the highest concentration of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Nepal has so many things to offer from culture, and nature to adventure. It can quench the thirst of all the visitors with their expectations. Nowadays from the trekking hub in the past, it’s getting famous as an adventure and leisure hub. The joy of rafting down the rushing Himalayan river is hard to describe you have to come here to experience it. Getting a blessing from living goddess Kumari can lead you towards good fortune. The thrilling joy of freefall looking at the highest mountain on earth. The joy of close-up observation of some endangered animals like the Bengal tiger, One horn rhino, and gharial crocodile from the back of an elephant is a truly unique experience.