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The Festival of Nepal is popular in Nepal. Being in Nepal at a local festival is a bonus delight that one can experience while traveling to this country. You can witness the colorful environment, vibes of joy, and the feeling of unity on these occasions here. As a country with diverse ethnicity and culture, there are many national and local festivals according to the lunar calendar that you can overlap your travel to get a glimpse of these festivals. As these festivals follow a lunar calendar, they fall on a different date every year. Here, we have some of the major festivals that people celebrate in Nepal.

Dashain or Bada-Dashain: Dashain is the major Hindu festival celebrated by most Nepalese people all over the nation with pomp and joy. This festival lasts over 15 days and falls mostly in the months of September to October.

Tihar or Dipawali:  Tihar, also known as the ‘festival of light’ is one of the major Hindu festivals of Nepal lasting five days of celebration.  One can view the traditional singing and dancing culture in the form of Deusi-Bhailo during this festival. Tihar falls in the period from late October to November.

Maha Shivaratri: This festival is dedicated to the Hindu god of destruction ‘Lord Shiva’ known for being a generous blesser if made happy. Huge celebrations take place in the main Hindu shrines of Shiva on this day with a large participation of the locals.  Maha Shivaratri falls in the month of February.

Holi/ Fagu Purnima: Holi, also known as the Festival of colors is a popular festival celebrated throughout the country in the month of March. The streets and the participants are colorful and celebrate Fagu Purnima with great joy.

Buddha Jayanti: Buddha Jayanti is one of the major Buddhist festivals of Nepal celebrating the birth of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Buddhists from all over the nation gather in the nearby monasteries and stupas to celebrate this festival. Buddha Jayanti falls on the night of the full moon in May or June.

Maghe Sankranti: Maghe Sankranti or Maghe is a festival celebrated by the Nepali people, especially in the Terai and Hill areas in the hopes of safe survival and the end of the cold season. The family gathers and eats special dishes made for this occasion a day before the festival. It falls in the mid-January period.

Chhath: one of the major festivals celebrated auspiciously in the Terai regions of Nepal. This festival is dedicated to the Sun god, or ‘Surya Dev.’ and women worship the rising and setting sun. Devotees take no food during that period with respect to the god. It falls in the month of November.

Lhosar: Lhosar is the major festival celebrated by the locals mainly in the mountain regions of Nepal. It is celebrated as the Tibetan New year, and people gather around in the Monasteries nearby to share happiness and good wishes. Lhosar falls in the month of February.

With these festivals, there are other many local and regional ones that the people celebrate with tremendous participation. There are a few unique festivals of local tribes in the rural areas of Nepal as well.