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My Trip in Nepal 2018

30 Jun 2019 Tourist Link Trek

In March 2018 I was for two weeks in Nepal and I enjoyed it very, very much.
I started in Chitwan, the big national park in the south of Nepal with wild tigers, jaguars, bears, rhinos, crocodiles and many more exotic animals. The I arrived I went to the Rapti river, just a two minute walk from my hotel. I could see two rhinos bathing in the afternoon sun and far away some crocodiles, doing the same thing. After this I went to see some domestic elephants in their barn.
In the evening I enjoyed delicious MoMos at my hotel and my first day was over.
The second day started with a nice breakfast followed by another walk to the Rapti River to see the elephant bathing. Around 10 AM to 11:30 AM there are every day elephants and their owners to bath and clean the elephants. You can participate and help with the cleaning, give the elephants something to eat or you can get a shower from the elephant, on the elephant.
Around 1 PM my highlight in Chitwan started. I did a Jeep safari, which is a four hour drive through the jungle. On the ride I saw rhinos, crocodiles, deer, peacocks, a kingfisher, monkeys, a bear and a tiger. We got a very good view on this majestic animal and could watch it for at least five to ten minutes.
The next day I went to the elephant bathing again and did the shower, after this I took a bicycle and went around the area and saw rhinos and crocodiles again.
My next stop in Nepal was Pokhara, a beautiful city on the edge of the Himalaya. I spent most of my time in lakeside, a nice but touristy area.
I had two highlights in Pokhara. One was paragliding which was super exiting and beautiful at the same time, the views where amazing. The other highlight was the sunrise which I saw from the World Peace Pagoda. The sun comes slowly up over the mountains and gives them the perfect light for a clear view.
My last stop was Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Again I spent most of my time in the tourist area Thamel. The days went by with relaxed sightseeing of the city. I liked the monkey temple the most, because it is beautiful, you have monkeys there and a great view over Kathmandu.
My time was finished now, after two weeks of mind blowing views, new experiences, MoMos, Chowmin and a lot of nice people. I can recommend Nepal to everyone who wants to see new things of this big planet.

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