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My Bungee and Paragliding Review

30 Jun 2019 Tourist Link Trek

This was my third time with these guys lol!… I’ve got to say, I haven’t been let down once!.. My last adventures with tourist link was trekking up the Himalayas. This time was a little more risky. I decided (after much persuasion from one of the guides, Promod), that I was going to do the bungy jump in Bhote kosi (on the boarder of China) and then after not much rest fly over to Pokara to do the paragliding course. Having never ventured down this path before I was understandably nervous, but once I make a decision about doing something, I generally follow through with it.

As was before though, the support I got and advice of how to deal with the situation was great! I was with a group of four other people, with only one of them having experience in bungy jumping previous, so I wasn’t alone. Although the bus journey took a while, we were in a air conditioned, comfy ride, so I couldn’t complain too much on that front, but once we got there, that’s when the nerves really started to kick in!..

Although I can say with all honesty that the view from the top the jump Bhote Kosi was one of the most breath taking landscapes I had ever seen, it still didn’t avoid the fact that I was about to plummet myself off a 500 meter plus drop lol!.. But, I did it. I think without the support and friendly backing of the guides and the new friends I had made on the trip though would have made the task of jumping near impossible. Being in the right surroundings and having the right support when doing something so alien to you is essential, and I thank everyone involved who helped me with overcoming my fear of heights, and I will be sure to do it again at some point I’m sure.

The paragliding was different, and dare I say it, more frightening, but once you overcome that vulnerable feeling you have of ‘something bad is going to happen’, then things become a lot more enjoyable. Again though, the support and advice I received from the professionals was unprecedented and I can’t begin to put into words how lucky I feel to have been a part in this type of adventure. The things I have learned about myself and the fear I have had to overcome have certainly shaped me as a person, and would recommend everyone at least try to step out of their comfort zone, and experience what this big wide world has to offer. And Nepal is certainly (from my experience), a perfect place to start that adventure.

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